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Fundamentals of Rotating Machinery -Live Webinar

8 June 2022

Date: June 28th 2022
Time: 10:00 – 10:45 PM (GMT+7)
Language: Thai (บรรยายภาษาไทย)

This webinar gives you an introduction to the theory of the fundamentals of Rotating Machinery.

As a component rotates it emits a response (acoustic and/or vibration) at a certain amplitude. As the speed of rotation changes, the response changes. Orders track the relationship between this response, the RPM and the frequency of rotation. For complex machines with different rotating components, understanding those signatures will allow you to look “inside” the machine and indicate the problematic component. An overview of typical signatures is given for specific rotating components.

Join us on the webinar

  • What is an Order?
  • What is Torsional Vibration?
  • Root cause analysis for rotating machinery
  • Practical Examples

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