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Automotive Manufacturing Expo 2022 @BITEC Bangna

18 May 2022

  • Adapting to a broad range of automotive applications
  • Systematically improving product and manufacturing quality
  • Providing end-of-line testing for rotating machinery
  • Using acoustic resonance testing for nondestructive testing
  • Smart signal analysis

Visit us at BITEC Bangna Hall 101 Booth No. 1G28

ADT will take part in Automotive Manufacturing Expo 2022. Visit us at booth. We’re more than excited to meet the you and find more technology for Industrial Quality Testing, Production troubleshooting, NVH troubleshooting, Sensor technology and more …

Industrial Quality Testing – EOL for Manufacturing

Ensuring quality standards are met through a series of test measurements is a vital part of quality assurance (QA) and production teams. Under the given conditions of the manufacturing environment, industrial quality test systems must generate reliable test results in an economic way with respect to time and test efforts.

Simcenter Anovis solution performs robust and reliable end-of-line testing during manufacturing. Our testing system delivers all the necessary tools to precisely perform pass or fail checks, and to formally prove that the part meets its specifications or that the machine operates safely.


Industrial Quality Testing – Semiconductor package thermal quality assurance – by Simcenter MiCreD

Automate of semiconductor package thermal quality testing using the Simcenter Micred Thermal Quality Tester. It uses precise thermal impedance measurement (via Simcenter Micred T3STER thermal transient test technology) to identify manufacturing defects such as die attach issues in the thermal structure of devices. Testing is integrated with automated handling solutions for pick up, test, evaluation and binning to support high throughput thermal quality testing in the manufacturing environment.

Onsite Noise & Vibration troubleshooting – by Simcenter SCADAS XS

The Simcenter SCADAS XS answers this challenge by allowing on-the-go diagnostics and troubleshooting, even by non-expert users who need to perform fast and reliable measurements.

  • Increase measurement mobility with SCADAS XS, a powerful portable data acquisition system designed for everyday noise and vibration tests.
  • Take testing efficiency to the next level with a pocket-sized solution boosting storage capacity and battery autonomy for a full day.
  • Use more than 12 input channels and the LMS Smart Scope tablet application for on- the-spot setup, data validation and audio replay.

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