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11 March 2019

Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense organizations are developing cutting edge platforms and systems with exceptional performance goals. Governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems for new aircraft and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the aerospace and defense product lifecycle and value chain.

Solution Segments

Aerospace & Defense Agencies

Defense agencies must effectively cope with challenges such as high investment costs in a time of fluctuating budgets, global sourcing, strict contract regulations, and an aging workforce as they acquire and sustain their weapons systems, platforms, and support infrastructure.

Aircraft Engines

Aircraft engine OEMs are challenged by the need for increased performance, improved fuel economy and new environmental regulations.

Aircrafts & Airframes

Aircraft companies must launch new and derivative aircraft programs on schedule and budget to be competitive.

Land Systems

Solutions for achieving program goals in development of manned and unmanned weapon systems on time and budget.

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